Enhanced Communications Services

Enhanced Communication Services (ECS) will eliminate robocalls, phishing, spam and other fraudulent telecommunications, while implementing applications to enhance control of your information and communications.

The Internet falls short as a contact nexus, and with an escalating need for social and business communications across multiple vertical markets Internet search overwhelms and inhibits the transfer of information, weakly linking personal, social and business information. ECS will enhance and expand information distribution by permitting unprecedented associations through secure communications.

ECS is a leap forward in information implementation, building channels between people, and businesses, with applications that facilitate connection, communication, and security, that will also help bridge the digital divide between first and third world countries.

ECS has local-to-global implications with applications that will allow the expansion of directories, addressing, business and social networking, targeted advertising and local search, with unparalleled security.

We're launching soon. Inquiries: info@ecstel.com.